Participant Testimonials

- “My time at Michigan State University was a wonderful and enriching learning  experience.” 

- “The main task of which included building a Parallel Plate Avalanche Chamber  (PPAC) Detector … Aiding us along the way were Physicists and graduate students,  who helped point out our errors, guided us, and gave us positive new and  informative feedback.“  

- “If we had more time for improvements, it would focus mainly on the Mylar foil and  having it stretched properly. Also, we’d have been able to prepare ourselves for  different unpredicted outcomes.“ 

- “Before going to Michigan state I was very lost about what I wanted to do but during  my week at MSU it helped me finalize my decision which is Biochemistry . The best  components were the lab and being on campus for a week ... The lab gave me an  experience to work with different people and work with expensive materials while  building a detector.” 

- “While being there I improved a lot with time management with having to finish a  project in a week. Also I improved with working with people with a difficult project  which gave me a lot of patience. This experience changed my life and I’m very  thankful for it.” 

- “On the trip, we explored the world of isotopes and built our very own Parallel Plate  Avalanche Chamber (PPAC).”

- … we were able to explore the campus of MSU and see how it fit into our individual  career plans, as well as talk to students about their experiences and goals.”